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One Lawn At A Time (Book + Shirt)

One Lawn At A Time (Book + Shirt)

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In the heart of an ordinary neighborhood, young Rodney Smith, Jr. stumbles upon a simple situation that would forever change the trajectory of his life: an elderly man struggling to mow his lawn. This wasn't just about mowing grass; it was the seed of an idea that would grow into a worldwide movement.  As readers flip through the vibrant pages of 'One Lawn at a Time,’ they journey with Rodney as he rides from one home to another, spreading not just acts of service, but messages of hope, unity, and community. From single mothers to valiant veterans, each page tells a unique story of kindness, resilience, and the profound impact of caring hands.

Based on true events from Rodney's life, this touching tale is more than a children's book—it's a testament to how a single act can spark a cascade of goodwill. As Rodney's story unfolds, readers young and old are reminded of the infinite potential within each of us to change the world, one lawn at a time.

Book Dimensions : 11 x 8.5 

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